Preliminary Findings

19 mei 2013
The ‘Greatest Ever’ Coaching Outcome Project: Preliminary Findings

In this article Erik de Haan and Nadine Page report on the largest quantitative coaching outcome study to date. A project they are calling the ’greatest ever’ coaching outcome research. They firmly believe that this study is a step forward in coaching research, and that it will help all coaches develop more effective coaching conversations that will be mutually beneficial for both coach and client.

Erik de Haan and Nadine Page
Lead Researcher and Lead Statistician
Ashridge Centre for Coaching
Ashridge Business School
Berkhamsted, U.K.

Headlines of our main findings:

  • Substantial correlations between different independent estimates of coaching outcome (between client & coach and between client & sponsor, but not between coach & sponsor)
  • The coaching relationship remains the best predictor of outcome
  • Only client self-efficacy correlates with client outcome – coach self-efficacy does not
  • Only small correlations between personality in terms of MBTI and the other variables above

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